Things to know about Everest base camp trekking

Adventurous travelers are interested in trekking and camping at the foot of the mountains. Everest base camp trekking is many travelers' dream as it is a lifetime experience. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in all over the world. Many individuals inspired travelers to climb the foot of the Everest.

If you are traveling to the foot of the Everest for the first time, you should consider several things before starting your journey.

The accommodation nature

For Everest base camp trekking, first, you have to arrange your stay before arriving. The region is known to be tourism flourishing, so the lodge or hotels are pre-booked. You have to choose a standard accommodation according to your budget. Along with stay, you have checked with the availability of food in that region.

Trekking route

It is accounted that it takes about eight days for Everest base camp. The trekking route provided by the trekking companies may differ for their clients from the conventional way. Individuals can change their paths according to their convenience.

Prevention for high altitude illness

There are various reasons why upper altitude illness occurs. Fatigue, vomiting, headache, dizziness, appetite loss and pulse rate enhancement are some of the common symptoms. These symptoms are however difficult to deal.

However, individuals who are preparing for Everest base camp trekking, should not ignore their illness. They must take preventives before starting the journey. You should consult your physician to take necessary measures.

Carrying Nepal currency is beneficial

First, you arrive at Kathmandu for on starting your journey. So taking Nepal rupees is mandatory. The country's currency enables you to pay all your bills. It is better to carry the money with you for a hassle free trekking.

You do not have to learn critical things about the trekking before opting for this option. No technical skill is required to climb or trek. You only need to be physically efficient to complete the trek.