Handy tips for Everest Base Camp Trekking

The first thing that one must have in mind regarding the Everest Base camp trekking is that it is in reality not as scary as it is often considered to be. Rather, it can be full of thrill and fun, if someone addresses some basic aspects. Discussed below are a few handy tips in this regard.

  • It is important to bring money in cash while being up for Everest base camp trekking. This is because there is no ATM center nearby, and the exchange rate can be very disappointing as well.
  • Many people can't survive without tea. Such people are advised to bring their tea packets. Well, one may buy hot water though, and prepare their team. Tea is very expensive here.
  • While being on Everest Base Camp Trekking, it is extremely important to have the accessories like trekking poles, down jackets, sleeping bags, etc. Don't think about buying from here as they don't promise about quality and it is quite expensive here as well. It is advised to buy these things only from a specialist or an authentic store.
  • For guides on Everest base camp trekking, only the locals should be preferred. They possess the Himalayan experience needed for such tours, and can thus assure about safety.
  • One may forget food, but not a map. It would be even better to have an EBC trekking book. One should learn about how to check altitude symptoms, paths, and about the things someone is expected to confront.